Topic one of #UOSM2033 provided a brief but interesting incite into a more academic side of internet use. Before reading around the subject area I was ignorant to the the typology of internet users beyond that of basic categories. However, now I have an understanding of the differing views and theories surrounding internet activity.

Having read other students views on the academic reading I can see that a lot of them share similar opinions to me. However, for those who didn’t, I tried to probe for an understanding into the thread of their argument and the reasoning behind it. I did this because of the nature of this module. I didn’t want to just agree with everyone which tends to happen in a lot of work I read at university, and instead use the communal learning aspect of blogging to critique others. In doing so I have developed a sound understanding of not only the topic one aspects but also the reasoning behind other peoples views.

I hope that next time I will have more people comment on my blog as noone did this time. Whether this be down to my failure to successfully categorize the blog (which is most likely) remains unknown.

One aspect of academic blogging which slightly worried me was my formal approach. I understand that this is an informal module however some students work I read was very informal and I am unsure of the best path to take in the future. Despite this I look forwards to future posts and the discussions I am able to have with other students in the process, alongside the development of my blogging skills, which at the moment are poor at best aha.