Image result for teachers using social mediaThis Topic has been the most interesting for me up to this point. This is because of the array of differing subjects which my fellow student have chosen to research. I chose the unwritten rules which society places on teachers and the way this ethically impacts their online activity. I was aware that Joe also wrote about a similar topic. I used my research to question his blog and use my knowledge on ‘vulnerability of teachers’, Joe’s response consolidated my views from topic three’s authentic and professional profile, where he suggests that self-filtering of their online profile is his recommendation for teachers in future practice.

Zac’s post targeted discrimination in football. As a massive football fan, I am well versed will the official procedures inside a stadium, however the online realm is not so clear cut. It was clear that Zac and I have differing of opinions regarding the subject. I believe in heavy punishment from the FA, however his response to this is that clubs restriction on players could impact their freedom online. This changed my view slightly as it is comparable to the restrictions teachers’ face, as their profession online profile is therefore not authentic.

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Image Two: Football Unites Racism Divides

My views were changed the most by Arthur, his post lead to an in-depth discussion which included Zac. The role of cookies is a topic in which I was previously unfamiliar. After reading the discussion and adding to it, I developed a balanced view of the role of incognito mode and that of cookies. Arthur’s focus on the role of scammers and how that can be affected through cookies changed my original views on lackadaisical use of incognito. Before, incognito was something which I used for shopping in secret, however now, is something which is beneficial to my online security and therefore online experience as a whole.

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