I was intrigued that Arthur and I covered a similar topic this week, and that despite this there were multiple aspects of his work I had only researched briefly.

Video self created using Powtoon, (Welch, 2016)

Beyond Open Access: Who Has Access?

Internetlivestats define a user as ‘having an active internet subscription service, and the individual household member must have access to it at any time (there must be no barriers preventing the individual from using the Internet)’ (2016). Therefore from the statistics they provide, this is the total number of people who are capable of learning from free online content. Theoretically of course. This then got me thinking about possible reasons people would turn to the internet for educational material, excluding ease of access which I had already mentioned in my blog.

Image One: Internet Population and Penetration

I came across this article on twitter posted by ‘The Economist’ https://twitter.com/TheEconomist/status/807972175328243712 . The main thing I took from this article was that ‘Policy makes a difference. Attending nursery or extra language tuition helps migrants catch up. Limiting selection by academic ability gives them more time to make up ground’ (Economist, 2016). ‘In France, for example, just 40% of second-generation immigrants say they feel as if they belong in school (Economist, 2016). If open access materials were pushing by leading figures in the French educational field then maybe the promotion of using these in the pupils own time in a comfortable environment would help raise this startlingly low figure? Food for thought as there is an increasing push in the ‘west’ for online learning. Both of these were issues that were brought about from my brief discussion with Arthur.

Newspaper Paywalls

With regards to my other comment and its discussion. Zac has previously mentioned that his specialty was economics, and through my questions into the specific market of newspaper paywalls I was met with persuasive and well-articulated academic responses. Despite being more subject based and less opinionated? I learned a lot about a topic I was previously very unfamiliar.

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