Living and working on the web has helped me in those exact areas. In effect it has ‘done what it says on the tin’. Prior to this module I was not a member of the twitter community, I did not have a linked in profile and I did not realise the extent to which employers used an amalgamation of online profiles in order to recruit. Moreover the topic spread lead to interesting individual and cooperative research.

What have I learnt?


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Difficulties Encountered? How Did I Turn Them Around?

The biggest difficulty I faced was getting all my inforTweet Two.PNGmation within the allocated word count. This was overcome as my ability to produce info-graphics developed. I was able to put forwards my findings through media format in order to save words.
I also found that I ended up speaking to the same students regularly as they were the ones who gave intellectual criticism and presented different arguments. The three most notably were Zac, Arthur and Joe. Because of the ways in which they approached this module, it tweet-onewas easy for me to learn and to give extra sources in return over multiple online platforms (see below).

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The discussion which developed after Topic 5’s post was a particular highlight when it came to learning something new.


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How Will I Apply What I Have Learnt?

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I am a cautious person when it comes to the internet, however through a combination of learning about the research areas, as well as putting into practice what I have learnt (creating a Linked In account), I feel more well versed with facing the employability opportunities available.

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I have consistently mentioned the site ‘About Me’ through my work. At the moment the financial cost of making an account is deterring me. However once I have a stable income stream I would be more than happy to make an account and link all of my profiles together. I believe this will give me the biggest exposure for employers, who can see an accurate and fair representation of who I am online and that that reflects what I am like in real life.

What for the future of my online activity? Living? Working? Or Both!


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Obtaining a degree in BSc Criminology I have a general idea of what areas of work I would like to go into. If successful then I will be involved in a lot of research driven projects. I would like to continue blogging using my research in my career as the focal point. I don’t believe that I will use my blog for sharing my recreational experiences or feelings but instead have adopted twitter as a form of sharing information and thoughts surrounding my hobbies. This module has demonstrated the importance of having a representative and professional online profile and I believe that the way in which I use different online platforms gives the viewer (whatever the environment) exactly that!

The internet being the internet we are all always learning new and exciting things, and I have no doubt that the years spanning my career will bring further opportunities to enhance that knowledge.

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